Steam Cleaner (Open Source)

// Steam Cleaner by icepick66// Version: 2009 V1.6.0 (9 Pack Version)

//What is it?// Its a program to remove all the crap generated by source engine games, it removes obsolete temporary files, and can be set to clean up your entire game directory, with over 17 individual settings it boasts completely customisability over the cleaning of your game.

Even if you just play these games once in a while, you still collect a lot of crap, such as other peoples sprays, sounds, maps, textures, graphs. You'll be surprised how much it adds up to: just playing one round in a 50 slot server will eat 800kb, doesn't sound much, but it all adds up if you play regularly!

Clans also often use this and then defrag before matches to get the completive edge, with cleaner directories, faster load times, and compacted necessary files.

// Games Supported// Counter Strike Source Team Fortress 2 Half Life 2 DM Synergy Garrys Mod Zombie Panic! Source The Ship Dystopia Day of defeat: Source

// Features//

  • Threaded version - Interface no longer freezes and is closable
  • Support for 9 games
  • Completely customizable options, only deletes what you tell it to.
  • Safe, Files are only moved to the recycling bin, not removed Permanently.
  • Will free up loads of wasted space by removing pointless old files you gain from playing on servers.
  • No need to install, runs straight out of the zip.
  • Completely freeware & GPL Open sourced, no trial versions, or adware etc.
  • No need to run steam while using.
  • Made in VB2008
  • Tested on XP, Vista and 7
  • Requires Net Framework 3.0+

// Additonal Info // If you want to know what any of the options do, its all listed in the old CS:S Cleaner on this site. Any queries or questions post below, and ill reply within the week.

//How do I undo?? I lost xyz?// Go into your recycling bin and restore the items you need.

// What does it delete?// (If you were to select cs:s to be cleaned)

Crash Files: counter-strike source/*.mdmp (deleted all files ending in .mdmp )

Downloaded Sprays: counter-strike source/cstrike/materials/temp/. (deletes all files in directory)

Temporary downloads: counter-strike source/cstrike/downloads/*.dat

Download Lists: counter-strike source/cstrike/downloadLists/*.lst

Sounds counter-strike source/cstrike/sounds/** (Deletes all directorys, and top level sounds)

Protect mani sounds: Protects mani default sounds and directory's being deleted (still removes non mani default sounds located in mani directory's, protect mani sounds is the highest priority)

Delete known sounds: (Will replace delete all with only the directory's specified) counter-strike source/cstrike/sounds/gungame (deletes entire folder) counter-strike source/cstrike/sounds/admin_plugin (deletes entire folder, wont delete mani default sounds if checked) counter-strike source/cstrike/sounds/quake counter-strike source/cstrike/sounds/quakefemale counter-strike source/cstrike/sounds/quakesexy

Maps Due to maps being quite important to users there is no option to delete all the maps. only 3 options: Delete all maps older than 6 months regardless of last played) Delete all maps not played more than 3 months ago (Wont work with anti virus checkers) Delete all maps larger than 40Mb (self explanatory)

Addons counter-strike source/cstrike/addons (deletes diretory)

Screenshots counter-strike source/cstrike/screenshots/*.jpg (deletes all jpg files so .psd and other image edits are not lost)

Cache counter-strike source/cstrike/cache/. (Will not delete downloadcache.db)

Cs1.6 folders Deletes if exists: counter-strike source/cstrike/gfx counter-strike source/cstrike/sprites counter-strike source/cstrike/env

Soundcache counter-strike source/cstrike/maps/soundcache/.

Graphs counter-strike source/cstrike/maps/graphs (removes entire dir)

Models counter-strike source/cstrike/models

Textures counter-strike source/cstrike/materials

//Disclaimer// This is released as freeware in good faith such that using this application you accept that I am not in any way personally responsible for any negative effects as a result of using this. You accept any faults that may occur. I Have endeavored to test it and remove any potential causes of faults, this is no way guaranteed! Please report bugs via private messaging to me.

// Perquisites // Counter strike source cleaner (9.5/10) Team Fortress 2 cleaner (10/10)

// Download v1.6 (14 Jan 10)


Only download for and, These sources are the only safe and upto date distributors. Source code

Download 219 kb Warning! Executable detected in download

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  • smgamermat77 avatar
    smgamermat77 Offline
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    • Report icon


    • Simple interface
    A Clockwork Mastermind of TF2 avatar
    User Title
    A Clockwork Mastermind of TF2
  • ToxicAnt avatar
    ToxicAnt Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    Pros: Simple Interface and does what its suppose to do so I'm Happy Cons: none


  • Prisoner416 avatar
    Prisoner416 Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago
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    This would be perfect if you could add support for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.

  • kanria avatar
    kanria Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
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    Thank you for fixing the false positive! nod32 was being a real pain about it, then I noticed you updated the program. problem solved!

    thanks again

  • icepick66 avatar
    icepick66 Offline
    188 points Ranked 14384th
    Member Joined 9 years ago
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  • smarties94 avatar
    smarties94 Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago
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    It doesnt work for me :( i have Vista homepremium 32bit.. i won't run. even the microsoft framework won't run! pls help anybody? i wanna try this program :)

  • GlamisDuneTrash avatar
    GlamisDuneTrash Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    Posted by ShadowFire4900 For some reason avast comes up saying its malware and idk why

    i think its because the program trys to scan your folders to find steam information and doing this fits the definition of a virus by your anti-virus program

  • CrazyPlayer2000_d3lux avatar
    CrazyPlayer2000_d3lux Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago
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    Nice programm

  • ShadowFire4900 avatar
    ShadowFire4900 Offline
    216 points Ranked 13056th
    Member Joined 6 years ago
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    For some reason avast comes up saying its malware and idk why

  • icepick66 avatar
    icepick66 Offline
    188 points Ranked 14384th
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    • Report icon

    False Positive, I also have kaspersky and its showing as a Trojan. Not sure why atm.



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icepick66 avatar
icepick66 Offline
188 points Ranked 14384th
Member Joined 9 years ago





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